About Me

About Me


Husband and wife team Scott and Natasha Wood | pc:  The Ozark Collective

Husband and wife team Scott and Natasha Wood | pc: The Ozark Collective

Scott C Wood Photography is a Bentonville, Arkansas based photographer specializing in portrait, family, event, commercial and wedding photography and videography. We also offer web design and brand management and real estate photography.

Plain and simple I love people. Unpredictable, unique and expressive people. 

Growing up in Dallas, TX my mother and I would go to the mall to escape the heat. While we were there we would sit in the food court and people watch. We would wonder what people were talking about. We would try to guess if it was a young couples first date or what made the gentleman working in the food court laugh. 

This led to me wanting to capture those moments and feelings. So enter my first film camera in 1991 when I became a full time photojournalist for a Florida news paper. I covered everything from football games to car wrecks to court hearings. This led to my style which has a bend towards photo-journalism that tells a story that hopefully you will want to know more about.

Several years, weddings, portrait and commercial shoots later and now my wife and I along with our 3 children capture and convey images and video full time.

Take a few minutes to check out some of my portfolio in the gallery (if I ever update it!) and then let's make something awesome! - Scott Wood