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The Wedding's 10 Year Reunion Show - Polarity

This past weekend The Wedding played their 10 year Polarity reunion show that just so happened to be the last show they would play together.  While that fact is bittersweet it did not take away from the energy, sweat and screams that went into the show.

Being on stage with people is always a challenge and honor at the same time. Each event has it's unique challenges like trying to not be a distraction or getting the shot without falling off a riser. This show was all about self preservation and protect the gear! It was pretty much an hour and half of a controlled brawl. I was hit in the face by a guitar, hit with a flying shoe, pulled into the mosh pit and then rescued by 2 of my brothers - all the while loving every minute of it.

Here are some of my favorite shots. While some imagesmay be perceived as imperfect I maintain they are just what they need to be to have captured the show. I hope that you were able to capture the lights and the sounds that were released on many different levels. #rockandroll